Sharing Images

So I was looking around for a good photo sharing app for a friend, and ran across 4Images, which is a PHP based application from Germany. So I downloaded, installed, and did a little customization, and I think it is pretty cool. You can browse pictures through categories, and if you register, you can have access to the lightbox feature and download the full-res image. Oh, you can can rate the images and leave comments. The admin function is pretty cool too - you can see traffic states broken down by image and user. It even auto-generates thumbnails for you.

Sound good?

Only problem is, what the heck to I use it for?
Just share cool photos/images I find laying around? I suppose I could put family pictures up there, but it a bit overkill for that. Other people using this code have done everything from setting up porn sites, to organizing templates and stuff. Anyway, I think it's cool, but I can't figure out what to do with it.

If you want to check it out (there are only 3 images in there now) you can go to http://www.colleenphotography.com/4images. If you want to register, you'll get access to more features.


New Car

Well, the old car just wasn't cutting it any more. We've been looking to replace it for a while, primarily looking at the Volvo V70. A couple of weekends ago, when we went to the beach on Kanan, the brakes were really acting up and frankly, scaring me a bit. I really didn't like the idea of my wife and kids riding around in that heap. So we stepped up the search. As I was looking at everything in the price range we were looking at, the Honda Pilot stood out. It basically had all of the features we liked in the mini-van (really just the third row of seats), and a whole lot more. I suggested it to Colleen, and at first she wasn't too excited about it. I really liked it, especially since it was a Honda, and was based on the Acura MDX which has been getting awesome reviews.
We took the kids to test drive it, and Coll was convinced. So we decided on that one. Later that day, after I'd cleaned up our trade-in a bit, I went off into the world to make the deal. I sat in the dealership, and put on my game face. I've purchased cars before, so I know their little game - warm me up with the rookie, messenger encrypted offers to the "back office" manager until they realize I'm not giving up, then they send out the manager. Anyway, I almost had them, but ultimately, I think the car is still in enough demand that they are letting deals walk because they know what the market will pay.
Lucky for me, however, a friend who works for one of the big dealer chains hooked me up with another dealer and I got the employee/friend discount. I don't even really care if I got a great deal, the fact that a freind called, left my name, and told me to talk directly to the manager made me feel special. That's all I want, I just want to feel special.
Long story short, the cars are in enough demand that they didn't have one on the lot, so it will be another week or so before we take delivery.
Highlight: Car has dvd/entertainment system, with independent front/back audio systems, and wireless headphones for the third row seats. Plus, there are video/audio inputs should you want to say, hook up and XBox back there.


Students get run of Apple stores - Tech News - CNET.com

This is a cool idea. Use the stores as a community/school gathering place to show-off and promote work on their computers. I know it borders on sneaky salesmanship, but who cares. Schools are always looking for places to gather, and attract parents and students to the events. It's especially cool if they set up a bunch of those cinema displays.

CNN.com - Bishops seek saint for Internet

"(CNN) -- Fed up with hackers, a flood of spam and lousy connections, Italian Roman Catholics have launched a search for a patron saint of the Internet. And they hope their online poll will yield a holy Web protector by Easter. "


Lion Rips Woman's Arm Off

What's that saying? "Never underestimate the intelligence . . . "

Armstrong: A war would make racing difficult

Okay, up till this point I've been pretty upset about the threat of going to war with Iraq, but if the gov can cough up convincing evidence, I would have been understanding. But now that Lance Armstrong has spoken out to say that it would make riding the Tour de France difficult - I'm really mad. You might think I'm joking, but I assure you I'm not. This guy is about to go for his 5th tour win, for god's sake. I don't care who you are, Iraqi, American, Korean, Italian, French - that is friggen incredible, and I intend to watch every minute of the 3 week race. In fact, if we were all like Lance and rode our bikes more often, maybe we wouldn't be in this situation (oil hungry), and we wouldn't be the most obese nation in the world.

So I say - "NO WAR!!!" "ONLY PEACE!!!" - for Lance's sake. (Or until the Tour de France is over ;-)

Yahoo! Groups : elviscostello2

I think my Yahoo group is starting to die. It's been stuck at about 350 members for a while now, and the message volume is one every ten days or so. I do think it is one of the oldest running groups, however, founded Aug. 19, 1998. If you're a Costello fan, sign up!


Kinda Strange

Someone pointed this site out to me thinking it might be my blog, when in fact it is not. What's strange though is that this guy, Paul Andersen, picked the same Blog template as me.


The Official Site of The America's Cup

This is pretty cool. Now you can watch America's cup races on your computer in 3D with something called "Virtual Spectator".

Virtual Spectator is an interactive 3-D sports viewer that connects to the Internet, allowing you to view America's Cup racing in real time.
Alright - i finally got fed up and have decided to change the template altogether. I'm going with the simple template now.
I am very frustrated right now. No matter how many times I've tried, for some reason Blogger is not updating my template to my site. I've been trying to modify it off and on for weeks now - and no change. When I log in to edit my template, it shows my changes, yet my site is still the same old site. Yes, I've published etc.
Anyway, if anyone reading this knows why this is happening or has tips, let me know.



Meet Mr. Pusateri. Mr. Pusateri is the Vice President of a company. I know what you're thinking, "Duh!! That's Mike - So?" - but that is where you are wrong. This is actually John Pusateri, vice president of Contemporary Furniture.com. Or so he wants us to believe. I believe, much like the creator of the Gong Show claimed to secretly be working as a hit man for the CIA, that the Mr. Pusateri we know is leading a double-life as "John" (c'mon Mike, couldn't you come up with something better than that?) the veep of furniture. You can fess up now Mike, you've been found out.!!!


This is the type of boat
we were on:
Skye 51' Ketch


This picture is of a portion of a little atol in the Tuamotu Island chain called Manihi. Half of the island chain is off limits to private boats because France uses it for nuclear testing among other things (That's where the famous Bikini Island is). Isn't that a shame?
Anyway, After visiting Hiva Oa, Nuka Hiva, and Oa Pu in the Marquesas Island chain, we moved on to the Tuamotus which is on the way to the Society Islands (where Tahiti is). As you can probably see from the picture Manihi is an atol, which is essentially formed from a island with a reef around it, where the island has sunk into the ocean and all that is left is the reef and a lagoon inside. It is a beautiful place, with crystal clear water, but very nasty from a sailors point of view.

1. Since it is just a reef, the tallest point on the island is the tallest palm tree - so it's very easy to miss when you are sailing by (or worse, run into).
2. There are typically only a few inlets into the atol, so the current in those passes can be very strong as the tides force water in and out. Basically, there are two times a day, when the tide changes, where the water is still enough to pass. Otherwise you better be in a speed boat. If you ever done any boating on a river, you know what I'm talking about.
3. As with most reefs, they are shallow. So the pass may only be 12-15 feet deep. Well when you are in a 51' sailboat where your keel (that's the think stickin down from the boat) draws 7' 6" (that means it sticks into the water 7' 6") - it can get pretty hairy.

Anyway, our visit to this beautiful island was very fun and relaxing except for the coming and going. When we arrive we had to manuever around a bunch of reef to get to the entrance. Once we got there we had timed it pretty well, the current had just started to flow into the atol, the same direction we were going. We figured this was okay and went for it. Everything went pretty well until our depth sounder started reading 12 . . . . . 11.5 . . . . 10.2 . . . . .8.5 . . . .

We thought for sure we were going to rip into our boat when we hit 7.8 - but somehow we managed to move into a slightly deeper path and avoid major damage.
When we left, it was a bit different. We were advised to wait for the tide to change, but since we came in with the tide, we figured it would be okay to go out with the tide to. Only in that direction, the current was so fast and swift we found it hard to maintain control of the boat. Also, the way the coral had formed in the pass created these almost river rapid like waves - very steep, and very unforgiving. With basically no control, we threw on the engine and barely powered our way into control and out - only to find later that I had not latched a forward hatch properly, and it basically flew open right as we were taking on a huge wave. Needless to say, my reputation wasn't the only thing wet on the boat. I was seriously in the dog house after that episode.


By the way - the image above is of the anchorage at an Island in the Marquesas called Hiva Oa. It's best known for being the home of Paul Gauguin in his later years, and he is even burried there. I visited the island by sailboat in 1987 and fell in love with the place. Met some really nice people, and I would have to guess that this photo was taken from a small group of huts on a hillside where I had a jam session with some of the native islanders. I know what you're thinking, drums, guys with no shirts, primitive flutes - not the case. Actually, the french government nicely contributed to cultural development in the islands, so when I arrived with my saxophone I was suprised to see a 24 track recording studio with all of the state of the art electronic equipment - Keyboards, electric drums, the whole bit. We later traveled to another island, Oa Pu, for a festival in which i played with the band.
I should really starting writing this stuff down more before I forget it. I didn't really keep a very good journal on the trip itself.
Well, Colleen is off to Santa Barbara to stay at a Monastery for a couple days. Should be a nice quiet get away to recharge the batteries. She deserves the break, and just in time to deal with the crazy holidays.
The youngest came home early from school today with the stomach flu. It's been about 3 hours now since she barfed, so hopefully she is on the mend. I'll be playing the part of Mr. Mom this weekend, which should be fun. I'm looking forward to installing Colleen's new car stereo tomorrow. I always love installing electronics. I have a whole ritual - I like to savor every moment so I plan for enough time to lay everything out, read all the instructions carefully, and enjoy the technology. I'll be watching the kids at the same time tomorrow, so I'll probably have to speed up the process a bit, but it will still be fun.

That is it for now. More later when there is more to report on.


I know, I'm a terrible blogger. Very inconsistent. But honestly, it is difficult to find the time to collect thoughts and intelligently put them onto the ol' blog, especially when the likelihood of anyone reading it is close to null.
I did notice, however, that if you search specifically for "paulie log" on google i do come up first!!

Basically there really isn't much that's new in my life. Work is getting very busy (big meetings next week), and frankly I'd love to spend the 3 hours a day I spend commuting thinking about the blog. Oh well.


Just found out today that they are going to issue a press release about me here at work. I tried to contribute to it, but all my contributions got cut. I was particularly proud of this achievement which they omitted:
Andersen began his career as an innovator in the restaurant industry, where he developed the "taco-fry" deep-fried taco concept for Jack-in-the-Box corp., along with the "Shake Your Java", coffee - chocolate shake combo beverage. Both were extremely popular among co-workers at Jack-in-the-Box #421,and were briefly considered as a specialty, seasonal item on the menu in the northwest region of the 818 area code of Los Angeles.
Police, Clash, Elvis Costello in rock hall - Nov. 7, 2002
That's it, I'm out. As long as Elvis skirted the mainstream, I enjoyed being on the fringes as a fan. But I think this finally marks the time that I should let him go and start focusing my ears on new artists. Sorry Elvis, nothing personal.


bushThis is fun. Create your own Pres. Bush speech and play it back to yourself. Complete with potty humor like burps and farts.


Yes, I was sick all weekend. Didn't stop me from helping Coll's gradma with some wallpapering, and making significant progress on our entry way. Just have to finish trim and nail and caulk new baseboard moulding and we're set.
On a slightly different note, I've been extremely frustrated that I have not be able to bike ride as much as I would like. If I had all the time in the world I would ride 3-4 times a week. But with the nasty commute and that ever-present thing called "work" I don't have any time. Well, I broke down and got a trainer. I can hook my bike up to it and simulate being on the rode in the comfort of my living room, and at pretty much any time of day. Haven't received it yet, but I'm looking forward to having the ability to go home and ride a couple of hours. Not quite the same thing, but at least it will help me stay in shape for the days when I can get out.


I am getting sick - I can feel it. I know it's hard to believe, but I think I got sick from reading Cruft. Once I read that Mikey was sick I said to myself, "that's it, no more visiting cruftbox.com till he's better!" Then Mr. ' Wich sneakily threw in a link to Cruft on his blog which I innocently clicked on. I believe it was at that moment that I contracted the illness. Talk about virus!!


The George W. Bush Calendar...
Starting to look for great Holiday gifts for your freinds and family? I recommend this hilarious calendar. I believe it would be for the embetterment of your life to purchasify this enfunnying calendar. I know I will.
BBC - So Weird - Ghostcam
Nice little Halloween link here. You can watch the webcam looking for Ghosts in this haunted estate in Wales. Check out the live picture to the right - if you see a ghost, go to their site and log it. They have captures of other photos posted by users that claim to see ghosts in them.


Send in your captions to this photo and I'll post the winner.


CNN.com - Falwell: Muhammad not a terrorist - Oct. 14, 2002
What a friggin' idiot. The sad part is that I'm sure most of the world thinks he represents U.S. opinioin. No wonder they hate us.


New-Versus-Old Electric-Slide Confusion Blamed In Wedding-Reception Pileup
MALDEN, MA—Twelve wedding guests were critically injured Saturday night in a dance-floor pileup blamed on new-versus-old Electric Slide confusion. "The DJ called for the Electric Slide without specifying which, and when the 'old' Sliders slid to the right, they collided violently with the stationary, hip-shaking 'new' Sliders," paramedic Laura Denison said. "By the fifth bar, the dance floor was a gruesome tangle of bodies." In the wake of the tragedy, the American Association of Disc Jockeys released a statement urging all DJs to specify which Electric Slide they are calling for at any future weddings, retirement parties, and bar mitzvahs.
Jamming camcorders in movie theaters
This is pretty cool. Stop piracy at the source. I'm sure there will be people who will develop technologies to compensate, but at least something is being done to make it more difficult.


trekbikes.com: Mt. Track 220
Went out and got Casey's b-day gift for her today. It is a very cool Trek mountain bike with 21 speeds and a front shock. It's basically a full-on mountain bike, only a little smaller. I really hope she likes it. Now she can start taking bike rides with me. I think I'm making up for the lack of good bikes in my childhood.
Weblog central
Just ran across this section on MSNBC. Wow, is blogging going mainstream?


Got home early from work today to paint - and so we did. I actually think we may finish painting the living room/dining room/entry way this weekend. We can finally unwrap our furniture for good, and start using it. I can't wait.
Another fish died tonight. I'm not sure what is happening, but now we've lost 3 fish in the last month. Maybe that's just what happens with fish - they die. I do enjoy having aquariums (we've got two now) so I'll probably just keep replacing the fish - they're cheap. A nicely lit aquarium is really a nice night-lite too. Kids lay down and watch the fish swim back and forth and listen to the sounds of the water. I'm gettin' sleepy just thinking about it.
Hold on . . . .gotta let the cat in.
Well, I'd better get some sleep - big day of painting again tomorrow.
Is it me, or is CNN getting "down with the people's talk"? If you haven't check it out recently click on the link above.


By the way - there's really nothing to see at the two new sites yet, so check back later.
Working Data Consulting
Just want to give a "shout-out" to my bud Michael for help getting my two new sites up:
ColleenPhotography.com, for Groovymom's photography gig
WorkingData.com, for my consulting side gig.

Thanks Mike.


I know I've already complained about my commute ...
.. but take a look at this graffic captured around 6:30pm tonight, showing the traffic patterns from work, around LAX to home in the valley. For those of you not familiar with reading these charts let me help you interpret.

Green = good, traffic flowing nicely
Yello = Slow, but still moving
Red = Really not moving

Now, if you just see a red here and there, it's not too bad. But check out my commute on the 405 - friggen solid red all the way through West L.A. Why am I doing this? What's the point? In my "spare" time while driving, I've come up with the following screenplay idea: (let me know what y'all think)

About a guy who has the most boring job in the world. Imagine the scene in "Joe vs. the Volcano" at the beginning where he' in the basement under all the flourenscent lights with no windows. This guy, absolutely loves his long commute - why? you ask, because he has actually created a world for himself wherein he has developed relationships with people and cars he regularly sees on his commute. The other people never notice him, but he watches them so closely that he feels he knows them. Anyway, to cut this short, a shitty-ass driver starts terrorizing the "commute community" by cutting people off etc. and it upsets our characters whole world. In the end, our character ends up losing his job because he's obsessed with this ass-hole, and lashes out violently. Still working on an ending, but I soft of see it as a "fall from grace"/"loss of innocense" theme, where just like humanity, he is not enlightened by this experience and changes his ways - rather, after this huge ordeal with cars getting crashed and people getting hurt, you flash forward to see him get out of jail only to return to his fantasy world in the next commute.
Obviously this is a very dark, and kinda sad film idea, but hey!!! - IT'S ABOUT C-O-M-M-U-T-I-N-G!!!!


As you can see - I am in the middle of transitioning the look of my blog. Not exactly sure where I will end up, but I like the challenge of designing the blog without any image hosting capabilities. I recycle other sites images. If anyone has any ideas or themes, let me know. But not you Mike! I know you have enought design challenges with Cruft. ;-)


Rampant Rabbit vibrator, purchased between May 2002 and September 2002.
In the interest of public safety, the manufacturers of the Rampant Rabbit are conducting a voluntary recall on products sold through Ann Summers between May 2002 and September 2002. This precautionary measure has been taken because under certain circumstances a component may fail which may cause discomfort to the consumer.

Hey, just delivering the news here. Don't judge - just trying to pass on the pubic service message. Oooops! Did I say "pubic"? I meant "public." ;-)
What do you get . . .
When you cross Burger King with Christmas? Watch this to find out.
[WARNING: Politically Incorrect Material. Don't watch if you are easily offended]


Halo: A Study . . .
Here is an IM exchange I just had with a friend of mine regarding the Xbox game, Halo. He is supposed to be sitting at home writing his dissertation for his Wharton Phd - but alas, the world of gaming has taken another soul.

friend1: does the fact that I just finished Halo mean that I'm cooler than you???
paulguyandersen: you did not
paulguyandersen: faker
friend1: did too
paulguyandersen: you are awesome
friend1: I know
paulguyandersen: can you write a dissertation on Halo?
friend1: dunno -- I suppose so
friend1: "the effect of plasma grenades and exposure to high energy laser weapons on the stamina and health of a futuristic Marine super-warrior"


Hi, my name is Paul . . .
. . . and I have a lousy commute. It is true, I drive from the center of the San Fernando Valley to LAX every day, and back. I have tried many schedules and routes, and alas, none of them give me any noticable relief. I am tired of fighting traffice on the surface streets so I mostly just stick it out on the 405 all the way down and back. I would have to leave before 6am in the morning to make enough of a difference, but it's still not worth getting up that early. Then I would have to leave after 9pm to miss traffic on the way home, but even then it's no guarantee.
Since Labor Day my average one way commute time is around 1 hour 15 minutes. And that is to travel roughly 20 miles. Use your math and you'll discover that my average speed is about 17-18 mph.
I used to listen to books on tape, sometimes I listen to music, but sadly most of the time now I listen to talk radio/news and the traffic report (I am becoming my father - scary). I am open to suggestions on how to make my commute more enjoyable (that assumes that some part of it IS enjoyable - which is not true). If you've got a good idea, let me know. Here is an idea I am currently considering.


The Onion | 8-Year-Old Can't Understand Why He Isn't Allowed On Roof
STERLING HEIGHTS, MI--No amount of explanation has been sufficient to make Dylan Rieder, 8, understand why he is not permitted on the roof of his family's two-story home.
Home Improvement
While the kids were away with the gradparents this weekend, Coll and I were able to get quite a bit done. It was very nice just hanging out together - no pressure - no guilt - no interruptions, etc. We are making a lot of progress, but it's amazing still how much there is to do. Maybe within a couple of weeks we'll have our new furniture, painted living room, dining room, and entry.


Can Paul survivie "Survivor"?
Well, it's kinda sad, but I think I've reached an all-time low when it comes to sinking into the depths of American pop/hype/tv culture. Yes, you guessed it - I actually am in a pool at work for the upcoming Survivor: Thailand. Worse thing is that I'm actually kinda excited about it. I love competition of any kind. Plus, I think I have a really good team!! (alright, now I'm giving in). Basically, 5 of us drew three names each (one name goes to the house). The rules are pretty simple:
1. First person off gets lunch paid for by other members.
2. Any person forced out of tournament gets a free lunch by the other members.
3. Any person who bleeds as the result of a reptile, large fish or mammal bite gets a free lunch.
4. Survivor winner gets pool of $
5. If House wins, money goes to "special lunch" out for all of us.
I picked, Penny, Ken, and Stephanie.Ken is a NYPD officer, and Stephanie is a Firefighter. I think I've got good chances. (I know, pathetic).
Casey Breaks Wrist
I know, you're thinking "that's aweful, poor Casey." But no, really it is, in Casey's words, "the best day in my entire life." Why is it the best day, you ask? Well, because it means she gets to wear a cast for 3 weeks, of course. Possibly the best attention getter ever invented - the arm cast.
Groovymom 's Rant and Rave: Check out the latest ...
Well, I think that's the last of them. Colleen has now started up her own Blog. We all watch with anticipation!!


9-1-1 drawn on 9-11 in New York lottery
Okay, this is friggen freaky!! Just a coincidence? Probably, but still freaky anyway. What was that wierd movie with Jim Carey, where he lived in that made-up world for the entertainment of everone else? You ever feel like you're living in that world, and someone out there is getting a good chuckle at your expense? Oh my God, I just realized that I read that story at 9 friggen 11 am this morning!!!!


Looking to shed a few pounds?
Here is a very simple - easy to understand explanation of how to loose weight. It's just a matter of taking in less calories than you expend. The key is keeping track. This explanation comes from Lance Armstrong's training team - where weight is a huge part of Lance's life and success. But it will work for anyone. Did you know that a calorie defecit of 3500 equals 1 pound lost?


Who Will Bring Closure To A Grieving Nation?
Why do I get the feeling it is going to be harder getting through 9/11/02 than it was to get through 9/11/01? I don't think I'm ready to relive it all again. I'm really not ready to hear a bunch of politicians spin the event to reinforce their own policy decisions. I'm waiting for some company to tie it in with their "back-to-school" marketing message. And then of course there will be coverage on E! asking celebrities like Pamela Anderson how they feel only to have them recall how they were particularly effected because they happened to be in a New York bagel shop on San Vicente when it happened, which felt like you were in New York.
Tenacious D
Saw Tenaciouis D with The Naked Trucker at Cafe Largo on Saturday. Tenacious D opened for the Trucker under the name "Standing 0." They were really funny, playing some new stuff in addition to some old favorites like Sasquatch. I also really enjoyed the Trucker.


Aimee Mann
Saw Aimee Mann at Cafe Largo last night. It was awesome. She sounded really good with a band behind her. It was clear she was having a great time up there as well. Played some old stuff in addition to songs from the new album. She appeared on Jay Leno last night too, didn't sound quite as good as the live show, but still good.


Wisdom of Dan Quayle
"Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child."
-- Vice President Dan Quayle
Treasures Digitisation: Turning the Pages
This is very cool. Brittish Library now has digital interaction with their 700 year old Qur'an manuscript. The interface is simple, but nice. Other documents include: The Leonardo Notebook, The Diamond Sutra, and The Sherborne Missal. This requires Macromedia Shockwave - so you may have to istall if you want to check it out.


Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom
Hours of fun with this new "toy." I hear you get two of those flying Quidditch balls in a commemorative sack when you buy one of these. Buy two and they throw in some magic lubricant. [Be sure to read all the reviews]
Custom M&Ms colors
I'm a sucker for these kinds of things. You can buy M&Ms online in your own custom color combinations.


Tivo is dropping the monthly fee to $4.95/month. Man, it just gets better and better.

Site went down today. Classic case of powering down server after it being up for a year and a half and one of the drives froze up. I told my tech that he should have just given it a good whack on the side and that usually fixes it, but I guess he didn't know that trick. Back up now, but ruined the 3-day weekend for a few of my team members.

DSL is now back up at the Andersen household. Yippee!!!

Went for a 60 mile bike ride today - ouch. Spent the rest of the day peeling wallpaper with my Mother-in-Law. I know, you're jealous.

John Edward, you know the psychic guy, is really starting to freak me out. Real or Hoax? You know, with the audience walking away so satisfied after a "reading," does it really matter? That's all for tonight.


Watched the MTV VMA awards last night.
Michael Jackson is not from this planet.
What's up with Sheryl Crow? Does anyone like her? Yawn.
I'm getting tired of Eminem's "Look at me, I'm such as asshole - don't you love me?" routine.
Exposed boob award goes to - Christina Aguilera.
Jimmy Falon is not funny. No really - he's not even a little bit.
Axel Rose - not sure what to say here. Kinda sad. What was up with his undead band?
Confession - I really liked Justin Timberlake's performance


Wow, getting back into the blogging thing is gonna take some doing. Once you are not in the rhythm, it's hard to remember.
Okay, here is one of my problems. I think I have too many toys now. I know what you are saying, "it is impossible to have too many toys!!". I disagree. First it's the computer - man what a time-suck. Between games and the Internet you could waste your life away. Then came the XBox. I haven't had this much fun on a game system in a long time - end result: sometimes playing into the wee hours. Most recently I got myself a Boss JS-5 jamstation, which is essential a back-up band in a box which I can play my guitar along with. This thing is so cool - I think I'm gonna go for the world record for playing the longest 12 bar blues song ever (there is a nice loop function).
How do I know I have too many toys? The day I brought the jamstation home I overloaded. I suddenly got the overwhelming desire to - I know, it's contraversial - read. That's right, good old fashioned book with one of the best user interfaces on the planet. Doesn't require power, can take it anywhere, and can even act as a coaster in time of need. I recommend to all of you who are spending way to much time interfacing with electronic things (you know who you are) to try it.
Welcome to Pickle Party
Feeling Naughty? Send an insensitive e-greeting.


Price Of Penis-Shaped Swimming Pool Negotiated LAKE TAHOE, NV—The price of a customized penis-shaped swimming pool was negotiated down Monday, when purchaser Rocky Morgan persuaded contractor Lou Visconti to agree to a $12,000 reduction in price.
MSN Site Search Result for - supermontage Nasdaq's 'killer app' A new trading system, SuperMontage, that NASDAQ is hoping to get approved by the SEC next week can help restore vigor and investor confidence into the market, writes Jim Glassman.
Paulie-log is back on line.


Teen portal Snowball skirts ad contracts - Tech News - CNET.com
Teen Web portal and online ad network Snowball.com is pulling back on its in-house banner campaigns, a move that has angered some of its affiliates because it could result in blank spaces appearing on Web pages in place of revenue-producing ads.


ExecutiveWorks - Managing Your Remote Workforce
Interesting technology that is designed to link "teleworkers" into a management environment to monitor productivity.


Last December
My friends band is tearing it up around town. Check 'em out.
Call it This Year's Models: Rockers Elvis Costello and T-Bone Burnett are teaming with scribe-producer John Mankiewicz ("Level Nine") to create an hourlong WB dramedy about four fashionistas turned rock stars.


bla-bla.com - Doodie.com - Potty Humor Central
Prepare youself. This is as sloppy as it gets.
CNET.com - News - Entertainment & Media - DoubleClick, OmniSky push wireless advertising
The long-term pact between DoubleClick and the Internet service provider for handheld mobile devices aims to address the challenges of creating and delivering Internet ads for handheld devices, such as smaller screen sizes and lower data delivery speeds.
Welcome to Pickle Party
If you are looking to send a unique (something insensitive) webcard, this is the place.
Mr Showbiz Movie Guide: Charlie's Angels
Righteous babes bust martial arts moves (and scheming bad guys), but the movie's not nearly as much fun as it ought to be.
The Complete Bushisms - Updated daily. by Jacob Weisberg
"They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program."—St. Charles, Mo., Nov. 2, 2000


CNET.com - News - Entertainment & Media - Internet to outdo television on election night Pretty cool. Great example of what you CAN'T do with Television.
CNET.com - Software - Personal Organizers/PIMs - Online Organizers Looking for an Online Calendar? Here's a good place to start.


SETUPS DI IMPORTANTI SAXOFONISTI Just another reason to choose the Selmer Mark IV.
Bertelsmann, Napster Make Peace, Agree on Music-Sharing Service Interesting...wonder if they will come up with a service somewhere in the middle, or if Bertelsmann will basically get whatever they want.